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John is responsible for technological solutions and project executions at Maio Consulting, LLC.
John’s nuclear and power engineering degree combines with his 25+ years of consulting experience in the chemical, electric, oil and gas, power, and textile industries to provide innovative and robust client solutions.  John’s work experience includes providing on/off site consulting services to AEP, Allegheny Power, BG&E, Boise Cascade, BP, Brown & Root/NASA-JSC, ComEd, ConEd, Duke Power, EPRI, Exelon, FP&L, GE, GPU, INEL, LIPA, Lyondell-CITGO, MISO, National Grid (England), NPPD, Oncor, Ontario Hydro (Canada), PacifiCorp, OPPD, PDVSA (Venezuela), PEPCO, SCE&G, Silgan Chemicals, SONGS, Southern Nuclear, TNB (Malaysia), TVA, TXU, and WAPA.
John was awarded the 2006 BP DCT Human Energy Helios Award in London.  The Human Energy award is the highest IT Helios award presented by BP and entails architecting, implementing and delivering a technical project which displays all five characteristics of BP subordinate Helios awards which include: innovation, progressive, performance, green and partnership.
     John’s consulting experience includes the following general examples:
  • Developing, designing, implementing and testing engineering-related data visualization and analysis systems.
  • Analyzing and assessing business processes.
  • Managing contractors, company divisions, employees, finances, projects, teaming arrangements, and vendors.
  • Architecting and designing data visualization and analysis systems.
  • Programming in C#, C++, Fortran, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  • Analyzing data using ODBC, DOS, ADO, OLAP, XML, HTML, Microsoft Office Tools (Access, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Project), EPRI Common Information Model (CIM), Windows Operating Systems (XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95 and 3.1), Visio, FrontPage, CORA (AutoTour, AutoSpec, AutoLog, etc.), CAFTA (CutSet Editor, UNCERT, RBDA, PRAQuant, etc.) and SEL 2030 Relays.
  • Visualizing data with Business Objects, Hyperion, IBM WebSphere, and Performa.
  • Modeling business processes with CaseWise and Rational Suite of Tools (Rose, RequisitePro, etc.).
     John’s consulting experience includes the following specific examples:
  • Developed TVA’s Power System Optimization (PSOP) architecture document, which set the vision for the PSOP project architecture and strategic direction.
  • Developed PacifiCorp’s Asset Data Synchronization Vision & Architecture document.
  • Managed, developed, programmed and implemented EPRI’s Maintenance Management Workstation (MMW) used for substation equipment monitoring and equipment maintenance prioritization.  The initial project was delivered to the steering committee members, which included Consolidated Edison, Commonwealth Edison, Texas Utilities, and Duke Energy.  The project included analyzing the strategic direction of both the product and the usage within transmission organizations.
  • Architected and managed EPRI’s Integrated Monitoring & Diagnostics (IMD) system used for substation monitoring at Oklahoma Gas & Electric.  Developed interfaces to Schweitzer 2030 and various Intelligent Electronic Devices, e.g., Hydran oil and gas monitor and Harley and Incon devices, which also calculated algorithms.
  • Managed and led the MMW User Group and strategic direction of the MMW product.  The User Group consisted of approximately 100 members and over 25 utilities.  The MMW product provided data visualization and analysis for transmission maintenance and operation organizations.  Assisted in the development of EPRI transformer and circuit breaker algorithms.
  • Managed MMW implementations and analyzed data and usage requirements at Georgia Transmission, Western Area Power Authority, Long Island Power Authority, Tennessee Valley Authority and PEPCO.
  • Developed an MMW XML interface for EPRI’s PTLoad transformer monitoring and diagnostics software product.  Developed new interface to perform actual versus ideal analysis of transformer diagnostics and monitoring parameters, e.g., calculated top oil temperature analysis versus actual top oil temperature, water in oil analysis, etc.
  • Managed and performed implementation of EPRI’s PTLoad product at Allegheny Power and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).
  • Developed the Information Position System (IPS) model for TVA. Created the IPS model, which provided a mapping between the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) functional model, TVA business processes, and the IEC Interface Reference Model (IRM) and TVA applications.  Used the IPS model to produce Common Information Model (CIM)-based XML messages within the TVA-IPS system that followed IEC Working Group 13 and 14 guidelines.  The CIM-based messages positioned TVA for facile processing of data requests by NERC and Independent System Operators, e.g., MISO.
  • Contributed, presented and authored several EPRI publications on Substation Integrated Monitoring & Diagnostics (IMD), the EPRI Maintenance Management Workstation (MMW) and the usage and integration of the Common Information Model (CIM) with MMW. Taught at DistruTECH’s Automation and Technology Conference in 2004.


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