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Maio Consulting® creates, selects, implements and develops Asset Management Solutions within several vertical market areas. Maio Consulting® applies years of extensive knowledge with data visualization and analysis techniques to develop and integrate world class asset management web-based solutions. Strategies tailored specific to your business provide the following analysis, design, implementation and development service areas:

·        Project Management Assistance

o     Status Reports

o     Coordination

o     Financial Monitoring

o     Meeting Facilitation & Documentation

·        Client Strategy & Vision Sessions

o     Project Justification

o     Identification of Key Technical Components

o     As-Is & To-Be State Analysis

o     Strategy & Vision Documentation

·        Asset Management Vendor Selection

o     Requirements Identification

o     Request for Proposal Planning & Documentation

o     Vendor Selection

o     Vendor Grading

·         Asset Management Roadmap

o     Technology Implementation Plan

o     Business Implementation Plan

o     Data Migration Plan

o     System Migration Plan

·        Asset Management Implementation Plan

o     Detailed Project Schedules

o     Detailed Resource Loading

o     Detailed Project Network

·        Asset Management Design

o     Component Design

o     Integration Design

o     System Design

·        Service Oriented Architecture Design

o     Web Parts Design

o     Web Portal Design

o     Page Content & Role Management

o     Default My Home Page Design

o     Web Services Design

o     Business Process Modeling

·        Asset Management Development

o     Semantics & Data Synchronization Web Services

o     Web Service Adapters

o     Asset Management Web Part Selection & Development

o     Business Process Automation Implementation

·        Program Management Assistance

o     Integrated Project Teams

o     Technical Overlap Identification

o     Cost Savings & Efficiency 

o     Schedule Streamlining 

o     Key Performance Indicators

o     Responsibility, Accountability, Consult & Inform Matrix

·        Identification of Personnel Gaps

o     Web Development Support

o     System Architecture Support



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